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Paleo Diet Meal

Paleo Diet Meal: What would be an Paleo Diet? Agriculture has been around for only 12,000 years. Antecedent to this, for over 4 million years, human beings or their ancestors lived from hunting fishing and gathering. This means they ate plants, nuts and seeds, fruits and fish. The only milk they drank came from their […]

The Caveman Diet: Foods to Avoid

The Caveman Diet: Foods to Avoid Obviously, foods that increase the likelihood of disease should be avoided: sugar, white flour, hydrogenated fat, food preservatives (such as nitrates and nitrites), and the many artificial flavoring and coloring agents.

The Cave Man Diet: Basic Nutrition Plan

The Cave Man Diet: Basic Nutrition Plan The following diet is a general program for optimum health. If you have been tested for your individual food allergies, it will be necessary for you to modify the recommendations to conform to your avoidance of your allergens.

The Caveman Diet

The Caveman Diet: What to Eat? This fundamental Caveman Diet is an outstanding and cost-effective screening test for food allergy. This basic diet eliminates the most chronic food offenders, typically corn, egg, wheat, milk, soy, and peanut. At least 50% improvement in 2 weeks should be seen before one recommends specific testing.

Paleo Snacks Jicama with Guacamole

Jicama with Guacamole

Paleo Snacks: Jicama with Guacamole

Paleo Diet

What is the Paleo Diet? The Paleolithic diet (also known as the paleo diet or the caveman diet) is a modern diet that attempt to eliminate these diseases of affluence from contemporary industrial society, by replicating the dietetic habits of Paleolithic hunter-gatherers.

Starting Paleo Diet

Starting Paleo Diet There are so many health benefits to obtain from eating a Paleolithic-based diet; better insulin control, hormone regulation, increased performance, decreased body fat, increased lean muscle mass, increased energy… but that is just the tip of the Paleo iceberg.

Paleo Food List

Paleo Food List What to Eat? Starting with meats, eat as much as you want for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Cook the meats simply without too much added fat – broiling, baking, roasting, sautéing or browning, then pouring off excess liquid fat, or stir frying over high heat with a little oil (No deep fat […]

Paleo Diet Foods – Foods You Should Avoid

Paleo Diet Foods Foods You Should Avoid Just because these foods are not part of the diet, you don’t have to banish them from your life forever. But you should try to avoid them most of the time. If you must use dairy, it should be whole fat and from organic grass fed cows mooo!!

Paleo Diet Foods

Paleo Diet Foods Acceptable Foods which follow our model: Vegetables, some Fruits, Lean Meats, Nuts and Seeds, little Starch, and NO Sugar