Paleo Diet Menu

Paleo Diet Menu

There isn’t a person who wouldn’t want a lean physique, but with the modern day diet being so nutritionally poor it is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve.

But it hasn’t always been that way. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors were very lean due to a high protein – no refined sugar diet, and indeed looking at modern day hunter-gatherer communities in the rainforests of Papua New Guinea, South America and South East Asia it is clear to see that diet and lifestyle is the key to a lean healthy body.

So what are the foods that we need to achieve a lean healthy physique?

Firstly we need a high intake of protein, therefore we need plenty of lean meats in our diet. Go for grass fed beef, organic chicken and turkey and also plenty of wild fish, not just for protein but valuable omega 3’s. Eggs are also a valuable source of protein, but again make sure you go organic (free range).

The mistake people make in the modern day is thinking they need to eat grains for carbohydrate value, when in fact grain based products are alien to the human digestion system, and our carb quota can be obtained solely from eating fruits and vegetables.

The paleo diet gives you all the vitamins and minerals you need to function at optimum performance, and achieve a lean physique through the healthy dietary foundations. If you aren’t already following the paleo foundations then not to worry… the Paleo Cookbooks are full of delicious recipes that stay within the boundaries of a paleo lifestyle, and most importantly encourage that lean physique you desire.



Paleo Recipe Book

paleo diet menu

Paleo Recipe Book


Over 370 easy Paleo recipes divided into 18 food categories. Enough options to cover everything you will ever need to eat the healthiest and tastiest food.


paleo diet menu






You will get the Quick and Simple Paleo Meals cookbook, the 8 Weeks Meal Plan and the Herbs and Spices Guide for free.

paleo diet menu




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